What activities trigger the Official Map?

The Official Map is triggered only when a property owner provides notice that they will develop their property, which would be considered construction of a permanently affixed structure on the property. A modification to an existing home is exempt if the expansion is no greater than 25% of the area of the existing home.

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1. What is an Official Map?
2. What kind of facilities and land can be placed on the Official Map?
3. After the facilities and land are designated on the Official Map, what happens next?
4. By designating these public facilities and land on the Official Map, isn’t this a taking by the government?
5. Why designate lands or facilities on an Official Map?
6. If I just want to put a small addition on my home, do I have to wait a year for Millcreek to act upon the Official Map designation on my property?
7. The term “taking” and “acquisition” is often used with the Official Map, what does this mean? What is a Taking?
8. If the Official Map is adopted, when would my property be acquired?
9. What activities trigger the Official Map?
10. Only a portion of my property is designated on the proposed Official Map. How will that affect my ability to use my property?