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    Millcreek Township Hosts Compost Workshop

    Residents attended the 2022 Composting Workshop at Asbury Woods on Sunday Sep. 25, 2022. Read on...
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    Press Release: Millcreek Township Announces Improved Fire Services

    In a special meeting on Sep. 26, Millcreek Township Supervisors presented options to the Millcreek Fire Commission to hire several full-time firefighters. The decision proactively supports the safety of residents in the Township. Read on...
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    Millcreek Township at the McDowell Homecoming Parade 2022

    On Sep. 23, 2022 McDowell High School hosted their annual homecoming parade. Millcreek Township participated with a pair of golf carts wrapped to fit the theme of Disney characters. Read on...
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    Millcreek Township Cleans Nearly 500 lbs of Litter in Worldwide Event

    Millcreek Township and a group of over 20 volunteers participated in the worldwide International Coastal Cleanup (ICC). The annual event happened simultaneously across the globe on September, 17, 2022. Read on...
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    Press Release: Millcreek Animal Enforcement Officer Resigns Following Investigation

    Millcreek Township’s Animal Enforcement Officer has resigned from his position effective Sep. 13, 2022. Read on...
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    Millcreek Supervisor, Kim Clear, Gives Future Focused Talk To Young Professionals

    Kim Clear spoke to the Jefferson Educational Society yesterday afternoon, August 18th, 2022 at Veterans Park. The talk focused on where Millcreek’s been, where the Township is now and the plans for Millcreek Township’s future development. Read on...
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    Millcreek Township Attends 2022 Senior Fair

    Millcreek Township connected with residents at the Senior Fair and Older Living Expo. Hundreds of attendees crowded the McDowell Intermediate High School Lobby at the event hosted by Representative Ryan Bizzarro. Read on...
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    Press Release: Millcreek Responds to Rain Fall

    Millcreek Township is aware of the inclement weather in the Millcreek area on Tuesday, Sep. 27. Read on...
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    Millcreek Township To Review Limited Lodging

    A new Limited Lodging Ordinance is being considered by the Board of Supervisors that may affect short term rentals such as AirBnB or Vrbo. Read on...
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    Millcreek Township Swears in New Special Fire Police Officer

    Today, September 13th, Millcreek Township Supervisor Dan Ouellet swore in new Kearsarge Special Fire Police Officer, Anthony Maggio. Read on...
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    Millcreek Township Moves to Create Presque Isle Gateway District

    Millcreek Supervisors authorized the Planning & Development Department to begin the process to amend the official 2018 “Embrace Millcreek” Comprehensive Plan to include the Presque Isle Gateway District Plan. Read on...
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