Language Access Plan

Millcreek Township developed their Language Access Plan (LAP) to identify reasonable steps to help provide language assistance to Limited English Proficiency (LEP) persons seeking meaningful access to programs within Millcreek Township as required by Executive Order 13166. The purpose of this LAP is to provide assurance and demonstrate that residents of Millcreek Township are being provided meaningful access to information, benefits, and services although they may be limited in their English proficiency. 

Additionally, Millcreek Township recognizes the importance of effective and accurate communication between its Police Department and the community that they serve. Language barriers can sometimes inhibit or even prohibit individuals who are LEP from accessing and/or understanding important rights, obligations, and available services, or from communicating accurately and effectively in difficult situations. Hampered communication with LEP victims, witnesses, alleged perpetrators, and community members can present the department with safety, evidentiary, and ethical challenges.

Millcreek Township will offer a qualified interpreter from the Multicultural Community Resource Center (MCRC) free of charge to any resident that wishes to access township resources. Read the details below or in the full plan.

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Should an LEP person require an interpreter, the Township will access interpreter services via the Multicultural Community Resource Center ("MCRC") located in Erie Pennsylvania. The MCRC currently provides interpreters in the following languages: Spanish, Nepaly, Swahili, Arabic, Ukrainian and French. These languages generally line up with the foreign languages that the Township has encountered. Representatives of the Township will communicate with the LEP individuals through this service either with an in person interpreter or via telephone or via video conference.  

Professional, trained interpreters and translators are available in Spanish, Arabic, Nepali, Swahili, Ukranian, and French. Interpreters may be obtained for other languages as well, please call the MCRC for availability. 

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