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The Millcreek Fire Department (MFD) was formed in late 2022. It exists to promote the safety and well being of Millcreek Township. It will support the historic volunteer departments that have existed in Millcreek for over 80 years.  The MFD consists of a Fire Chief, several full-time firefighters and a large amount of part-timers meant to reinforce the full timers to provide around the clock protection.


Millcreek Supervisors created the MFD in late 2022. Prior to this, The Millcreek Township Fire and Emergency Services Commission created a proposal that highlighted the necessity to adapt and create a paid fire department to combat declining volunteerism. The first MFD Chief, Mike Cliff was sworn in early 2023. After that, nine full-time firefighters were sworn in Nov. 2023 followed shortly by 21 part-time firefighters (pictured).  The MFD is funded by a fire-tax passed in early 2023.




Chief Cliff is the director of the Millcreek Fire Department. He has years of experience. Chief Cliff worked in fire services for 23 years as a firefighter and paramedic with Saybrook Township, Ohio. He served as union president for the International Association of Fire Fighter (IAFF) Local 3196 for ten years. Additionally, Chief Cliff has been a township trustee since 2017 in Kingsville Township, Ohio. Chief Cliff is passionate about fire service and will be a great addition to Millcreek’s fire service community.