Refuse Billing Switch FAQ


As of 2023 all refuse billing will be handled by Erie Water Works. However, this does not change the contracted amount to be paid, nor does it change the contracted hauler. This change will simply streamline the billing process. Below are some frequently asked questions regarding the billing switch.

  1. What should I do about my account with WM? 

There is no action needed from you to change your account with WM. The accounts will automatically be cancelled as the contract is transitioned. Non-billable accounts will be set up for each address so access to for service schedules, repair requests, and bulk services will still be available. You can reach out after 4/1/2023 to obtain the new account number to access the account online.

  1. What do I do if water/sewer utilities are included with my rent? How do I pay my trash bill?
  1. What do I do if I have well water or a septic system and do not currently recieve a water/sewer bill from Erie Water Works?
  1. I am currently signed up for automatic withdrawal from Waste Management. Will WM still withdraw money from my account?
  1. I am currently signed up for automatic withdrawal from Erie Water Works. Will Erie Water Works withdraw the correct amount or do I need to make a correction in their system?
  1. I am currently signed up for recurring payments to Waste Management through my bank. How should I reflect the new billing change?
  1. Will I receive two invoices from Erie Water Works?
  1. I just paid my Erie Water Works bill. When will I receive my next trash/recycle bill?
  1. Can I still switch to the PAYT program at any time?

Billing payscale. $93.09 in 2023, $99.61 in 2023, $106.58 in 2025 and $114.04 2026