Zoning Code & SALDO Update

What’s this all about?

In August 2018, Millcreek Township adopted Embrace Millcreek, an implementable comprehensive plan. Based on broadly collected public input, the plan is built around five priority focus areas:

  • Creating a distinctive and high-quality Gateway District to Presque Isle
  • Strengthening neighborhood investment
  • Positioning commercial corridors for adaptation and redevelopment
  • Supporting business development
  • Promoting strong and sustainable stewardship of Township infrastructure

Achieving the plan’s vision through each of these areas will require modernizing Millcreek Township’s zoning code and subdivision and land development ordinance (SALDO), its most powerful tools in shaping the form and function of the local built environment.


First up: The zoning code.                      

In September 2019, the Township initiated a rewrite of these ordinances, starting with the zoning code. Zoning regulations divide the Township into districts and regulate the types of land uses that are allowed or prohibited in each. They also control dimensional standards such as lot size and the placement, height and density of buildings, as well as exterior lighting, landscaping and off-street parking, among other elements.                       

Since then, Township staff and elected and appointed officials have been working with assistance from Mackin Engineering Company to draft new regulations and mapping that will precisely and effectively support Millcreek Township’s future land use and development goals.


How will the Township involve the public?

The initial public survey, launched last fall, collected a wide range of comments that will help steer the development of new zoning regulations. As the project moves forward, new survey links and project events will be advertised on millcreektownship.com, sent to our e-mail blast list and otherwise circulated as widely as possible. This project, like Embrace Millcreek, is designed to be community-owned and meaningfully engage the public in the process of revising the ordinances. Send us your e-mail address if you would like to be kept in the loop. 


Future Events

Follow-Up Public Meeting. 

Once updates to both the zoning code and SALDO have
been drafted, the Township will advertise an additional meeting to highlight major changes and solicit feedback. Stay tuned!

Public Review Process. 

Prior to considering enactment, the Township will circulate drafts of both ordinances for 45-day review and advertise a public hearing.

Meetings of Elected and Appointed Officials. 

Township Supervisors and the Planning Commission will review draft material and progress periodically. Check the calendar and upcoming agendas on millcreektownship.com for details.