Embrace Millcreek 

  1. About Embrace Millcreek
  2. Timeline
  3. Planning Principles

Embrace Millcreek is the name for the Township's comprehensive plan. It is structured around five focus areas that were identified through surveys, neighborhood meetings, stakeholder interviews, and analysis of existing conditions and trends. The focus areas are:

  • Create a Distinctive and High Quality Gateway District to Presque Isle
  • Strengthening Neighborhood Investment
  • Position Commercial Corridors for Adaptation and Redevelopement
  • Support Business Development
  • Promote Strong and Sustainable Stewardship of Township Infrastructure

These focus areas reflect Millcreek's priorities and respond to the trends shaping our community and to needs expressed by our residents, businesses, and institutions. Each focus area has a defined set of actions and initiatives for the Township and its partners to pursue in coming years and can be easily adapted to reflect new opportunities and conditions that emerge.

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