Clean and Lien

Once a property owner has been notified of an overgrowth or debris violation and does not bring the property into compliance, Millcreek Township reserves the right to enter onto the property and take the necessary steps to remove the weeds or debris and place a lien on the property. This is referred to as a “clean and lien”.

The Department of Code Enforcement will send out a notice of violation to the property owner. If the property owner does not take action within 7 days, the department sends an order to a 3rd party landscaping contractor to clean up the property. Once the company receives the order, they send a crew out to clean up the property or mow. Non-Traffic Criminal Citations may also be issued.

If you have received an invoice for the services provided, please contact the Code Enforcement Department at 814-833-1111 to discuss payment options. If payment is not received on the invoice, the case will be turned over to the solicitor to place a lien on the property.