Code of Ordinances

Laws enacted at the municipal level in Pennsylvania are known as ordinances. For the past few years Millcreek’s Board of Supervisors has been working on a project to combine all the ordinances enacted by the Township into a single document. On September 27, 2016, the Supervisors adopted the Code of the Township of Millcreek. The Code contains all of the ordinances ever enacted as well as their current status.

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The Code is organized into the following sections:

  • Chapters Current ordinances are alphabetized by subject matter. Specific ordinances are listed by subject on the contents page at the beginning of each Chapter
  • Appendix All ordinances of a temporary nature. The Appendix includes a reference to the original ordinance and its date of adoption
  • Disposition List showing the history of each ordinance ever enacted by Millcreek Township

Navigation Menu

The navigation menu includes the following links:

  • Code takes you to the home page
  • New Laws contains links to recent ordinances enacted by the Board of Supervisors that have not yet been incorporated into the Code document
  • Index is an alphabetical list of subjects. Clicking on a word provides a link to every mention of it in the Code