Fire & EMS Protection

Millcreek Township is protected by separate volunteer fire departments. There are four fire departments in Millcreek plus the Lake Shore Fire Department and these include:

Lake Shore is a Fairview Township Fire Department, that lies within the border of Millcreek Township and provides mutual aid to the Millcreek Departments.

Call Load

The four departments stay extremely busy throughout the year answering over 4,000 calls within the township. Over 4,500 calls if you include Lake Shore. The busiest stations are in order from busiest to slowest:

  • West Ridge
  • West Lake
  • Kearsarge
  • Belle Valley

Separate Departments

Each department is completely separate, however they work with each other on fires, rescues, and more, everyday. They all provide fire, rescue and fire responder services to Millcreek Township, year-round 24/7.

Volunteers & Employees

There is approximately 100 volunteers in the township. Millcreek Township employees (Water Department, Street Department, etc.) form a Fire Response unit while on duty five days a week from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., known as 929. They will be dispatched and respond to any report of a fire or at anytime request by the fire departments. This "department" is supervised by the Township Chief Fire Inspector and Assistant Fire Inspector (920 and 931).

Department Classification

Millcreek Fire Departments are classified as an ISO Class 3, the township recently achieved this before they were ISO Class 4.

Stations and Equipment

The Millcreek fire departments operate out of six stations. Apparatus within the township is as follows:

  • Air / Light Truck: 1 (West Ridge 478)
  • Boats: 1 (West Lake 486 - Ice Rescue Boat)
  • Engines: 7 (West Lake 482 / 483, West Ridge 472 / 474, Kearsarge 442, Belle Valley 362 / 363)
  • Ladders: 1 (West Lake 489)
  • QRV's: 4 (West Lake 487, West Ridge 477, Kearsarge 447, Belle Valley 367)
  • Rescues: 4 (West Lake 488 / 485, Kearsarge 444, Belle Valley 368)
  • Specialty Rescue Trailer: 1 (West Lake Trench and Confined Space)
  • Towers: 3 (West Ridge 479, Kearsarge 449, Belle Valley 369)
  • Total Apparatus: 22 Rigs

Dive & Rescue Team

Millcreek fire departments have a Dive / Rescue team, operating from members from West Lake and West Ridge Fire Departments.

Ambulance Services

Millcreek Paramedic Service (MPS) is the sole ALS (Advanced Life Support) and transportable ambulance service in Millcreek Township. MPS is owned by the four Millcreek Fire Departments and Lake Shore FD. Currently, it operates with three front line ambulances stationed at West Ridge (West), Kearsarge (Central) and Belle Valley (East). Service is available year-round 24/7. Also on duty from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. is a Paramedic Supervisor in an ambulance or a "flycar" to provide ALS to mutual aid companies and to first respond to emergencies. This is a paid ambulance service with about 50 employees. Better known as "MPS" provides emergency services as well as non-emergency services. Remember to always call 911 for emergencies.