Seasonal Street Information

  1. Construction & Maintenance
  2. Snow & Ice Treatment
  3. Winter Reminders

Spring Road Construction

Spring time is the time of year that the public must be reintroduced to all those orange signs on the streets. As we do our job we ask that you slow down in work zones. We really are trying to make your travel more safe and pleasurable.

Though delays seem like they happen at the most inopportune times, we really don't try and plan them that way. Whenever possible we will schedule work outside of rush hour travel times. We know when the shop workers have to be to work and the Mall is open. Try to remember we are there because we have to be, and the work being done will benefit us all.

Please watch for workers.

Winter Road Maintenance

The Streets Department has a fleet of 22 trucks we use for winter snow and ice maintenance. The fleet consists of 21 Combination Salt / Plow Trucks.

Plow & Salt Routes

The Township of Millcreek is divided into 17 plow routes and 7 salt routes. We are continually upgrading equipment and procedures to maintain and better the fine quality of winter maintenance that has been performed in the past years. We realize that our plows and salt trucks cannot be on every street instantly so we try and maintain the known problem areas first, and then continue in an orderly manner to remove snow and salt the streets.