Planning and Development

The Planning and Development Department’s mission is to foster a dynamic, attractive and economically healthy township. The department works to: 

  • Increase community livability and quality of life through the Embrace Millcreek Comprehensive Plan and land development regulations
  • Encourage development that incorporates quality design and protection of natural resources
  • Strengthen community dialogue and understanding of planning issues
  • Ensure that development standards of the community are met with each development
  • Collaborate with other agencies on planning issues

In support of both current and comprehensive planning, the Planning and Development Department oversees the township's Engineering Division and Zoning and Development Division.

  1. Comprehensive Planning
  2. Current Planning

Comprehensive planning takes a long-range view to improve the social, economic and environmental well-being of the township and to contribute to the achievement of sustainable development. 

In August of 2018 the Board of Supervisors adopted the Embrace Millcreek comprehensive plan. The plan identifies Millcreek's strengths and challenges, puts forth a set of Core Values to serve as a guide for future decisions, identifies five Focus Areas to concentrate future efforts, and an Action Plan to achieve the desired outcomes. 

Initial implementation efforts include:

  • Rewriting and modernizing the Zoning Code and land development regulations to provide the tools that will be necessary to activate parts of Embrace Millcreek
  • Working with consultants, business owners, and other stakeholders on a detailed small area plan for the Presque Isle Gateway District which will allow the township to apply for and obtain grant and other sources of funding to invest in enhancing this unique regional resource