Acceptable & Unacceptable Items

Acceptable Items

After receiving a permit, residents and landscapers may bring the following organic material for drop off:

  • Brush
  • Leaf waste
  • Non-food garden residue
  • Shrubbery
  • Tree trimmings

Unacceptable Items

  • Bamboo or ornamental grasses
  • Concrete
  • Corn stalks
  • Dirt (loose or items covered in dirt)
  • Food or garden waste
  • Grapevines
  • Grass
  • Hay or straw
  • Landscape timbers
  • Large root systems
  • Logs greater than 8-foot in length
  • Nothing over 24 inches in diameter
  • Painted or processed wood
  • Sod
  • Stump grindings
  • Weeds
  • Wood that contains nails and metal

Important Reminders

  • Please remember to check your drop-off loads for metal chains, fencing, and shovels as these items severely damage our equipment
  • Use of chainsaws and leaf blowers are prohibited at the Millfair Compost and Recycling Center
  • All leaves must be removed from bags or bins, which are then taken back home by the residents.