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Q       I know that I have a bill due to Waste Management in April.  Do I continue to pay that bill of $60.54 per quarter?  What should I do if I have set up automatic withdrawal through my bank to Waste Management?

A        Residents should continue to pay Waste Management for all services provided through March 31, 2017.   Instructions will be provided for residents that may want to pay their Advanced Disposal invoices ($59.76/quarter) with automatic bank withdrawals or other electronic means.

Q       Will my trash and recycling be collected on the same day it is now?  Will the times be the same?

A        The collection days for trash and recycling will not change.  The collection times for trash and recycling may change for all residents.  All waste and recycling items should always be placed at the curb for collection prior to 6:00 AM on the normal collection day.

Q       Is the At-Your-Door Program for collection of Household Hazardous Waste and Electronics still going to be offered through Advanced Disposal?  What is that phone number and when will this program be accepting calls for pickup?

A        There will continue to be a front-door collection of Household Hazardous Waste and Electronics.  A new phone number will be available for this program on April 1st.

Q       I am a new resident to Millcreek Township this week.  How do I sign up for new service with Advanced Disposal?

A        New residents wishing to establish service should call 1-844-415-5970 and speak to our customer service specialist to begin service.

Q       I understand that I will be eligible to receive one toter for trash and one for recycling.  What size are these bins? 

A        65-gallon recycle toter and 95-gallon trash toter 

Q       Do I have to accept these two bins or can I opt out of receiving the toters? Can I choose to accept one or the other?

A        All residents will receive a communication document from Advanced Disposal detailing the features and benefits of the wheeled toter services.  If for any reason the resident does not want the toters, they will need to indicate such on the communication document and mail it back to (postage pre-paid) Advanced Disposal prior to toters being delivered. 


Q       When are the toters for trash and recycling going to be delivered?

A        Toters should be delivered in approximately 90 days after the start of the new contract.   Residents that do not respond to the communication document will have one 95 gallon trash toter (excludes per bag customers), and one 65 gallon recycle toter delivered to their home. The pricing for services provided by Advanced Disposal is the same for residents electing to receive or decline the delivery of toters.


Q       What should I do if my trash and recycle waste should exceed what can fit into the toters?

A        Trash and recycling collection is still unlimited with Advanced Disposal.  If the 65-gallon recycling toter is full, place additional recycling curbside next to the recycling toter in a clear/transparent 33-gallon bag or recycling bin.  If the 95-gallon trash toter is full, place excess trash into a 33-gallon trash bag or bin.  One bulky item (couch, mattress, furniture, etc) is also permitted to be placed curbside once per week as well for trash collection. 

Q       What do I need to do with my old 25-gal recycle bin or 65-gallon recycle toter?

A     All residents may keep their existing recycle containers.   In order to prevent additional waste going to the landfill, Millcreek Township is encouraging residents to reuse and repurpose their old recycle bins.  Creative ideas include using your bin for storage – kid’s toys, garage tools, pool toys, craft supplies, etc.  In addition to storage, bins can be used as garden planters, holding units for “browns” in backyard composting efforts, and for bagging leaves. If a resident does not wish to reuse and repurpose their current bins, please place curbside on your trash/recycle collection day with a note to the hauler to collect. 


Q       What is the toll-free number that residents can call to sign up for service or ask questions about the transition?

A        A toll-free number will be established shortly.  In the meantime, residents may call 1-844-415-5970

Q       What changes am I going to see in my trash collection service leaving Waste Management and switching to Advanced Disposal?  When will this take effect?

A        Millcreek Township residents will experience the same level of services as in previous years.  Trash and recycling will remain unlimited. The collection day will remain the same (times may vary).  Also, the collection of Household Hazardous Waste and Electronics will continue to be available.  The Per Bag (Pay-As-You-Throw) alternative option will also continue with Advanced Disposal.  The only difference you will see is the option to receive trash and recycle toters.

Q       I am an elderly/disabled resident unable to walk my bins to and from the curbside. Will Advanced Disposal allow my driver to walk these bins back to my garage?

A        Advanced Disposal will be happy to help residents that are unable to walk toters or bins back to their homes due to a disability or age factors.  To make arrangements, please call 1-844-415-5970
for more information.

Q       How do I place my home on "vacation status" when I travel south during the winter months?

A        Residents requesting a temporary service cancellation should contact Advanced Disposal at 1-844-415-5970
to complete this process.

Q       Can we still participate on the Per Bag (pay-as-you-throw) service option?  Will the green bags that I just purchased be picked up curbside after April 1st?

A        Customers subscribing to the bag style service will now use tan colored bags with the Advanced Disposal logo printed on them instead of the green bags they currently use.  The Advanced Disposal tan colored bags are available now at the Millcreek Township building.   Residents that may still have the Waste Management green style bags may continue to use them until they are exhausted. 

Q       Do I need to cancel my current account with Waste Management and call Advanced Disposal to setup a new account?

A        No action is required to cancel services with Waste Management.  Millcreek Township residents that are currently customers with Waste Management will automatically have an account created with Advanced Disposal. 

Q       I know that the Per Bag residents will not be receiving a trash toter.  Will they be on the list to receive a 65-gallon recycle toter? 

A        All Millcreek Township residents will receive a wheeled65-gallon toter for recycling delivered to their home in approximately 90 days.


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